Remote working benefits and cost savings for Helloworld

Project Background:

For over 30 years the team at helloworld Lower Hutt has been passionately helping people plan their travel experiences and is renowned for providing top-notch customer service.

A customer since March 2007, Paul Borrie, Director, explains why The Paul Borrie Travel Company, initially chose Lucidity to bring all its disparate IT systems together.
One of GNZCC’s main objectives is to advise German and New Zealand companies on market development and to support and consult both German and New Zealand exporters and importers in their quest to establish a trading relationship.

Membership is available to any company or individual involved in business relations between Germany and New Zealand.

Business Challenge:

To ensure the business is running efficient and cost effective IT systems and staff also have the flexibility to work seamlessly from any location.

Solutions Used:

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Why were you looking for an alternative IT set up?

At the time, we had 3 offices, all using disparate systems and we needed a solution to bring them all together in a scalable and cost effective way. We had always made efforts to keep up with changing technology, to find better and more cost effective methods for our computer system.

Many, many hours were spent trying to understand and co-ordinate what we were being offered by vendors including hardware, software, connectivity, security, provisioning and consistent service delivery.

We used to imagine how great it would be to find an organisation and the people within, whom we could trust to take care of all that – “a one stop shop” so that we could get on with our core business. Finally, we found that with the team at Lucidity.

Why did you choose Lucidity?

In the initial meeting, we weren’t given a big sales pitch or handouts. The team at Lucidity just listened to understand our requirements and then drew diagrams of how everything could fit together and how their Managed Desktop virtual platform solution could help. They didn’t use jargon or geek stuff – just honest answers and explanations.

We have considerable respect, not only for the company’s unquestionable knowledge and experience, but also for the genuine interest that the Lucidity people consistently show in helping us achieve effective business solutions.

How is the solution provided working now?

The benefits have been significant and include:

No more worry about IT administration tasks.

We no longer need to worry about whether the backups have been done correctly as we know that Lucidity takes care of updates, backups and licensing.

No surprise IT expenditure.

Outsourcing has produced significant cost savings in respect of our IT requirements. For example, the fact that we can work without the need for onsite IT consultation and administration has reduced associated IT costs. We also have a consistent monthly fee so we can budget accurately and not be concerned about next month’s invoice.

The flexibility to work from anywhere.

Remote working capability is invaluable to the staff and to our business operation. This is the case at all times, not only in the event of a natural disaster, such as earthquakes. We feel reassured that our data is safeguarded in the cloud environment and that our business resilience is much stronger.

Reliable, friendly customer service.

Staff are happy with the responses they get from the Lucidity Support Services team in addressing any issues they may have. The escalation process works very well and we receive resolution in a timely manner.

Any other comments about working with Lucidity?

We have complete confidence in Lucidity to take care of anything we need in respect of IT.

Not only the range of services, which they offer but also the practical, trustworthy advice the team provides.

Our experience has been excellent and we rate the company very highly.

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