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What it is

File sync technology has made it possible for employees to access and share files from virtually anywhere. The benefits are great, but consumer-grade file sync services are not appropriate for the workplace. The cost to organisations that mishandle data varies depending on the industry, but in all cases it is significant. It is therefore imperative that organisations adopt a business-grade file sync solution that is both easy to use and secure.

With MyFiles, Lucidity’s file sync technology solution for businesses, your data is securely hosted in New Zealand data centres with the added benefit of local support. MyFiles syncs corporate data, allowing users to access and share critical files and folders from their computers and mobile devices and work from virtually anywhere.



• Local hosting. Your data is hosted in New Zealand with local support.
• Secure remote file access. Business-grade file sync, enabling secure file access from any device, anywhere.
• Secure and easy work sharing. Various options and controls for sharing with internal and external parties.
• Ease of use. An intuitive and seamless user experience.
• Data security. Backup and restore features, preventing data loss.
• Rich reporting functionality. A comprehensive dashboard and granular controls, delivering security and control over corporate data.
• Bank standard encryption. Security features that exceed industry standards.


How it works
















Business-grade file sync
• Secure file access from anywhere, across multiple devices
• Cloud-enable existing file servers (File ServerEnablement)
• Support for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
• Customizable branding for agent, web, and mobile applications

Secure and easy sharing
• Public share links for sharing of large files
• Team share folders for internal collaboration
• Secure share links and enforced credentials for secure, external collaboration
• Lock files from editing
• Outlook plug-in for file sharing within Outlook
• Password enforcement on shares
• Expiration date policies
• Download limit policies
• Notifications on downloads
• Personalized messages when sharing

Backup and restore features
• Continuous, real-time backup of files and folders
• Local directory backup (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.)
• Custom or unlimited retention periods for deleted files
and file revisions
• Bulk, point-in-time restores Administrative features and integrations
• Comprehensive usage reports and activity logs
• File type exclusion
• Customizable email templates for onboarding
• Agent and organizational bandwidth throttling
• Remote wipes of desktops and devices
• Granular user access and security controls
• Active Directory (AD) integration
• Two-factor authentication

Bank standard encryption
• Data transferred over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
encrypted connections
• HTTPS stand-alone processes running behind a firewall
• Persistent and transient encryption key
• Organisational privacy mode
• Server Side Encryption (SSE), using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (256-bit AES) in transit and at rest


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