Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365

Lucidity leverages 20 years of remote desktop expertise to design and build an AVD solution that is fit for purpose and meets your business goals.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is an Azure Cloud service that when combined with appropriate licenses, technology services and resources, delivers a complete virtualised and multi-user Windows 10/11 experience. AVD offers centralised security, management and monitoring. As a result, system administrators can quickly deploy and manage desktops, apps, and Windows servers in the Azure Cloud. AVD helps businesses seamlessly scale their technology requirements, while benefitting from top-of-the-line security features, and the cost benefits of its subscription-based model.

Azure Virtual Desktop with Lucidity

  • Image and Application Management
  • Print Management
  • Complete Teams Voice/Conference integration
  • System and Data Backup
  • Ransomware protection / Next Gen AV
  • Fortinet Web Filtering and Monitoring
  • Monitoring as a Service with local engineering escalation
  • Lucidity Advanced Remote Desktop Support
  • Nerdio Manager Control Panel access for easy management

Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop is an ideal solution for businesses of varying sizes (10-1000+). Specifically, those made up of a significant percentage of staff that need to work from different locations.

Deliver Windows desktops and applications virtually anywhere

Provide employees the best virtualised experience with the only solution fully optimised for Windows 10/11 and Microsoft 365. End-users can access their desktops and applications from various devices and browsers. Since Office 365 applications have now been highly optimised to work with Azure Virtual Desktop. After moving to the Cloud, IT staff do not spend as much time managing physical machines and local networks.

Built in intelligent security

Help keep your applications and data secure and compliant with security capabilities that can proactively detect threats and take remedial action. We’ve also added even more layers into the stack with our Fortinet client and SentinelOne AI powered AV agents.

Simple Deployment

Simplify deployments and management of your infrastructure and scale quickly based on your business needs. We spent over 1000 hours in R&D to enable fast deployments, management and continual scaling up and down inside the environment to optimise resources, performance and security.

Decreases costs using existing licenses

Make use of existing eligible licenses to reduce costs with a modern cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). And, you only pay for what you use. By simplifying licensing for the use of Windows 10 on the AVD environment, along with not requiring additional Client Access Licenses (CALs) for access (as a Server OS would require) the Microsoft licensing costs come down.

Scenarios that benefit from Azure Virtual Desktop

Security and Regulation Compliance Requirements

Financial Services, Healthcare, and Government sectors with their regulatory policies and rigorous security norms can manage and easily control data privacy, security, and compliance on Azure Virtual Desktop.

Standardising Operations

Azure Virtual Desktop can be provided to employees to standardise operations when businesses undergo mergers and acquisitions, have to work with contractor businesses, or have a workforce that flexes up and down very dynamically.

Enabling Workforce Flexibility

Employees with BYOD and mobile staff, call center workforce, and branch employees working from different locations can work with a unified, managed, secured and consistent experience despite the differences in the devices they might be using to access the organisation’s resources.

Specialised Workload Cases

Engineering & Designing companies, along with businesses using legacy applications in the IT sector for software development and testing often require unique solutions for deploying their unique workloads. AVD is the perfect solution for handling these scenarios.

What does Lucidity offer with Azure Virtual Desktop?

Lucidity management system

Our AVD platform is built in your Microsoft tenant. Lucidity use our management system to let third party providers in to your system with ease so they can apply their updates and changes.


We back up system state prior, spin up a testing system for them to make changes, and then control the change management with you to help your business navigate software and system updates.

Full 3rd party autonomy

Your vendors and 3rd parties have full autonomy to make changes in a test environment, so you as a customer never get caught between the IT provider and the application vendor again!

Full solutions stack

Lucidity can manage the entire IT stack, from device to application delivery, email and telephony, through to security protection and backup.

Security and accessability

We have built all our methodologies on the modern way of working. Accordingly, we aim to help your business run as securely and reliably as possible, while having the freedom to work truly anywhere with AVD.


We back our services with a clever and professional services team. Boasting decades of experience in change management and IT system migration expertise.

Local team support

Our locally based support team are there to back the solutions 24/7 as required to ensure your complete IT stack is manage end-to-end, and you have peace of mind knowing one vendor can provide all the infrastructure and guidance you need.

150+ Apps packaged

We have 20 years of experience in getting applications that misbehave in a virtual environment to work seamlessly. Most importantly, no other IT service provider has the same credentials and experiences to draw upon in order to operate your environment.


50 Users

$90 per user p/m

Excludes M365 licensing – this needs to be suitable to allow Virtual Desktop access

100 Users

$80 per user p/m

Excludes M365 licensing – this needs to be suitable to allow Virtual Desktop access

Deployments can be a small as 5 users to as large as 500+ users. Book us to discuss your needs. Pricing presented is for the purposes of illustration only.