Lucidity 365 Workspace

A new way to work

“Lucidity 365 is the business application I have been waiting for. It brings all my third party systems and passwords in to one simple dashboard I can get to on my tablet or laptop.It integrates the social aspect of how I work with all the websites and logins to manage my customers from anywhere.I Couldn’t be happier with the solution.” Wendy Ross, CEO Netwealth

What is Lucidity 365?

Lucidity 365 provides you with a modern, browser-based work space to access all of your documents, applications and systems.

Integrated with Office 365; all your emails, SharePoint and OneDrive documents and web-based applications are accessed through one simple web page across any type of device.

Lucidity 365 can also integrate with legacy, hosted applications that have traditionally required a remote desktop solution like Managed Desktop to access. These applications can be delivered via a tab in your browser, or as a remote desktop application.

Utilising Azure Single Sign On technology, remembering passwords to all the different systems you use day to day becomes a thing of the past.

Securely authenticate once with Office 365 and access the rest of your systems directly and securely through the workspace.

One Password for Everything

Log in once to your web and hosted applications.

Single Sign-On makes it possible to reach both web and Windows* applications with just one click, without having to log in separately for each application.

Subsequently, you can give temporary employees a workspace and afterwards you can deny them all access by simply deactivating through the control panel.

Company Administrators can manage passwords to third party systems from a central location and ensure key credentials are not distributed out to staff.

Multi-Factor authentication is a breeze with push notifications to your mobile device to approve your secure login in an instant.

Modern Workplace

Lucidity 365 delivers a completely new browser based way of working, bringing all your applications from Office 365, third party web applications, documents, Power BI, news feeds all in to one unified experience.

Users can add their own applications from the catalog, move tiles around and customise their workspace to suit them, similar to how you use a tablet or mobile phone applications.

Single sign on takes care of all the authentication, so any tile you click on launches straight away without annoying password prompts.

All files in one place

One simple file explorer view to navigate all the different document locations in your business.

Bring OneDrive, SharePoint and your company file servers all into one place and provide secure access to your staff with easy to manage permissions and rules.

Open any document in Microsoft Office Web Applications, even documents not inside Office 365.

Share documents easily with your co-workers and external parties with a simple to use document sharing system.

Windows Apps

Lucidity 365 brings your legacy Windows desktop applications directly into the browser, next to your modern SaaS applications.

No signing into Windows Desktops and having to work between two systems.

Ideal for customers who still have a specific legacy application they need to access from anywhere, but want to work in a Modern Workplace style environment.

Lucidity are experts in hosting Windows applications and bring the technology from our Managed Desktop platform in to deliver this new hybrid solution.

Finally, Everything Combined

The fastest way to reach and simplify all your applications.

Besides simplifying applications and how you access them, you can bring in key information from multiple different systems like RSS feeds, Yammer, Teams, WhatsApp, Power BI, SharePoint…

Find out all the ways you can customise Lucidity 365 for your business.

Professionals Case Study

“Lucidity have provided us cloud services for years with their Managed Desktop solution. When they approached us about modernising our systems with their new Lucidity 365 dashboard, we were impressed with what was presented.

It’s early days for us on the new solution, but so far the simplified portal really makes a lot of sense with immediate benefit in improving our security by centrally managing all our passwords to the different systems we use.” – Mike Henderson, CEO Professionals

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Next Steps

To get started with Lucidity 365, contact us to arrange access to your own demo environment. You can evaluate the solution in your own time and see how a Modern Workplace solution like this could add value to your existing applications and Office 365 subscription.

If you like what you see, book some time with one of our cloud consultants to help you design a workspace environment that suits your company requirements.

Download our presentation on Lucidity 365 to view a comprehensive overview of the features the platform provides.

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