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Internet Security is becoming increasingly complex.

More and more Lucidity customers are engaging with us to discuss what can be done to protect their key information systems from the many different areas of attack that are becoming more and more prevalent every year.

Lucidity listened and over 2017/2018, we invested in clever new technology and resource to meet the increased demand in this area of Cloud Computing. Lucidity use a multitude of different platforms, vendors and methods to secure our services, and to provide our customers with key systems and initiatives to protect their own physical sites and services.

From Microsoft Advanced Email protection through to end user device protection with Artificial Intelligence from vendors like SentinelOne, Lucidity take security seriously and work with our customers to ensure their staff can work confidently day to day knowing the basics are covered.

Use our skilled Network Engineers to design and implement advanced networking solutions for your business. Our goal is to improve your security position, network performance and resilience.

Internet connectivity and wide area networks

Connectivity to the Internet is a key part of any IT strategy in this day and age with so many services delivered online.

Poor networks, or decisions around vendors and technology can cripple a business, even with the best intentions around IT strategy. Lucidity have worked extensively with NZ and Australian network providers for many years and know which ones deliver a consistent reliable service.

No one technology provider is infallible, which is why Lucidity connect to multiple network providers for our own service delivery to ensure continuity in any kind of event.

Different businesses and locations demand different solutions to get reliable connectivity for their users. Lucidity work with your business to understand your unique requirements at the different locations you work from to design a solution that will deliver you the reliability and performance you need.

Using a raft of different technologies including UFB, Fibre and Wireless services, we can design you a cost effective network with the best partner in your location to ensure you can always get to the services you need. We have wholesale relationships with all the key network providers in NZ to ensure we can get you the sharpest deal.

Fortinet security partner and services

Lucidity partner with Fortinet, one of the leading US providers of networking hardware and security solutions in the IT industry.

We have run their technology at the core of our own networks for over 10 years and have implemented additional services from this vendor over the past few years around security and device management.

Fortinet provide a range of different solutions, starting with their FortiGate firewall appliances through to advanced threat detection and network content inspection solutions.

Lucidity deploy managed firewall devices for our customers using the FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer platforms, from simple onsite firewalls to protect small branches through to completely managed Wide Area Networks with advanced threat protection and network analytics.

Lucidity have a team of Fortinet trained engineers with product leads in this space. We know the technology and how to design solutions to ensure our customers get the most value from this security platform.

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Managed firewalls

FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilises purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance including encrypted traffic. FortiGate reduces complexity with automated visibility into applications, users and network and provides security ratings to adopt security best practices.

In addition to content inspection, all FortiGate models offer a common feature set that includes; SSL & IPSec VPN, dynamic routing, traffic shaping, WAN load balancing, SD-WAN, FortiClient policy enforcement, Wi-Fi controller, switch controller, device identification & control and when multiple units are deployed high availability.


Manage and report

Lucidity deploy FortiManager to oversee the firewall solutions we deploy to customer sites.

The technology allows us to monitor and configure the different devices at their respective locations. We can backup the configuration of devices and use the platform to greatly reduce the time and effort deploying new firewalls out to customer sites.

With the FortiAnalyzer software, we can setup advanced configuration around website and content monitoring and provide our customers with powerful reporting options so they can see what’s going on within their office networks.


Threat management

Fortinet Unified Threat Management provides a raft of features to protect your business networks:

  • Single, integrated platform provides multiple network services and protects against wide range of threats
  • Stateful Firewall and IPS
  • Inline Antivirus and Antispyware
  • Policy-based web content filtering
  • Manage IM and P2P applications
  • IPSec and SSL VPN
  • Traffic shaping and flexible dynamic routing
  • Centralised firewall for effective policy management across the whole organisation
  • Inter-site MyCloud policy-based security and management
  • Regular reporting and analysis on all network and security activity

Next generation endpoint protection

For many years, companies have had to run Antivirus software on their computers and servers to protect them against the nasty things are out there.

With the wave of Ransomware software that locks all your files and demands money to unlock them becoming a bigger problem day to day, Lucidity went looking for an industry leading solution that could handle the modern threat our customers face trading online.

Lucidity chose SentinelOne, a leading provider in this modern AV space. Their technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect malicious software as new variants are released. It automatically shuts down network access to your computer and notifies our support team.

We can remotely control your machine in an isolated manner and restore things to the way they were if anything has been tampered with. The vendor even offers an insurance policy up to $1,000,000 USD if their software fails to protect. SentinelOne Ransomeware Warranty.

Find out more about our SentinelOne Endpoint protection to replace all legacy AV solutions in your business.

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