A technical review of Fortinet PartnerSync 2019

In late July I had the opportunity to attend the Fortinet 2019 PartnerSync event in Bali. This was a 3-day event hosted by Fortinet for its partners where Fortinet deliver the latest network & cybersecurity trends & insights from top industry experts. Over the 3 days there were presentations, live demonstrations by Fortinet engineers and…

Microsoft Inspire - Roadmap 2020

Microsoft Inspire Summary 2019

A couple of weeks ago­­ Lucidity’s CEO, Paul O’Brien and I commenced our 15-hour journey to the Nevada Desert for Microsoft Inspire which was hosted in Las Vegas.  Both being first time attendees, Paul and I weren’t exactly sure what to expect, and I think I speak for both of us when I say that the…


Understanding Business Wi-Fi

Over the past few years, Wi-Fi technology has improved greatly, however it isn’t a case of one-size fits all. The requirements for a business in a large office space with continual traffic utilisation from many devices is very different to the Wi-Fi needed at home for casual internet access. What is an Access Point? An…