Lucidity's Intune Desktop delivers consistency, security, and manageability across the device fleet

  • Access your company information securely from anywhere.
  • Rest easy knowing your IT environment is always up-to-date and protected by Anti-Virus.
  • Simplify device provisioning with out of the box auto-configuration to the company standardised desktop.

Where Intune Desktop can help

Intune is a great solution that standardises the delivery and management of desktops to your staff while ensuring they are secure and up to date. Does any of the following sound familiar?

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    Inconsistent hard to support desktop environments.

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    Difficulty managing and deploying desktops to a distributed or remote workforce.

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    No visibility of software patching or Anti-Virus status.

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    Inability to centrally roll out or update an app on all desktops.

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    Lost or stolen devices that contain unprotected Intellectual Property.

Lucidity’s Intune Desktop solution

The desktop is where most work gets done. With advent of access anywhere cloud services, the castle and moat security model no longer work to protect your data. So, now more than ever, it’s critical to amour your devices with a secure and centrally manageable desktop.

Lucidity specialises in designing and deploying secure desktop solutions based on Microsoft Intune. Our team have developed our own Intune policies and installation methodology to make the deployment of Intune within your business easy.

We leverage third party tools to manage and monitor Intune installations and maintain a catalogue of nearly 1000 everyday business applications that can be deployed within minutes to your organisation through our Intune app store.

Microsoft Intune is an ideal solution for businesses wanting to manage their fleet of devices. From desktop and laptops, through to mobile phones and tablets. Business devices can be locked down and controlled through Intune to ensure your business security and compliance is always in check. The ultimate result is a consistent and secure device environment that can be centrally managed.

What you get with Lucidity

  • A modern Intune Desktop solution that simplifies deployment and management of desktops no matter where your workforce is.
  • Our Intune Desktops are secure, always up-to-date, and are protected by Anti-Virus.
  • Autopilot ready to provide out of the box auto-configuration to the company standard desktop.
  • Print from anywhere with Cloud Printing.
  • Your company data is encrypted, protecting Intellectual Property on lost or stolen devices.
  • Our Intune App Store provides self-service installations and automatic updates of company approved apps.

Simplified desktop deployment

Intune’s Autopilot feature provides out of the box auto-configuration to the company standard desktop.
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Compliant and up to date desktops

Desktops are kept compliant against defined compliance policies and operating system and anti-virus updates are automatically applied.
cyber-security (1)

Secure from anywhere

Intune provides security and data protection no matter the device, or where it is located. Lucidity applies security baselines informed by the CIS security framework.

Managed Apps

Automatically install and update approved company apps and provide a self-service app store experience to staff.

We’d love to hear from you and determine the best solution for your business

Check out our menu-based solutions and get an instant estimate now, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Intune Desktop projects menu

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs.

Intune Lite

A cost-effective solution that gets you ready to onboard devices into management with a basic level of configuration which can be built upon over time.

Intune Standard

Delivers consistency, security, and manageability across the device fleet. Security baselines are informed by the CIS security framework and help ensure devices are not vulnerable and exploitable by threat-actors.

Intune Advanced

Similar to Standard but provides better integration with on-premises services and includes a fast deployment option via USB key.

Frequently asked questions

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. It manages user access and simplifies app and device management across your many devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints.

Intune supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Apple iPhone/iPad and Android.
Intune has the most comprehensive support for Windows.

Intune licencing is bundled into several Microsoft licences including Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3 and E5. It can also be purchased as a separate standalone user or device licence.

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs –Request pricing menu here.

Moving to Lucidity is easy


Initial meeting

Meet with our friendly team to discuss your business needs and wants.


Model selection

Choose a desktop delivery model – Azure Virtual Desktop or Intune (Physical) Desktop.


Security review

Review your Cyber Security requirements.


Plan selection

Select a Managed IT Services plan from our menu.


Project choices

Select migration and upgrade projects from our menu.


Migration start

Get started with our Professional Services team of consultants who will migrate your business to Lucidity and complete any projects.


Continuous support

Enjoy friendly, secure and evolving Managed IT Services.

Benefits of working with Lucidity

  • Our our good, better, best menu-based solutions provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs – see our menu and get an instant estimate now!

  • Leverage 20+ years’ experience in Cloud solutions.

  • We are a Microsoft certified partner for Modern Work.

  • Our highly skilled consultancy team can assist across the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Be confident your information is secure working with an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Managed IT Services provider.

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