Upgrade your file server to moderndocument collaboration and sharingcapabilities with SharePoint and OneDrive.

  • Access company documents securely from anywhere.
  • Realtime collaboration with document co-authoring.
  • No more multiple file versions! Share the live document
    and leverage automatic versioning to track and revert changes.

Where SharePoint and OneDrive document management can help

SharePoint and OneDrive are Microsoft’s cloud-based document management solutions. SharePoint provides a central repository for company documents, while OneDrive does the same for an individual’s documents. Both provide a modern document management experience in the cloud, removing the need to traditional file shares. Does any of the following sound familiar?

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    Many versions of the same document.

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    No document version history.

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    Inability to easily share and collaborate on documents with internal and external people.

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    VPN’s and other remote access solutions are required to access documents outside of the office.

Lucidity’s SharePoint and OneDrive document management solution

Documents are rarely worked on by a single person and are most certainly created to be shared. With staff frequently working remotely or on the road, it’s now more important than ever to provide a frictionless document access, collaboration and sharing experience, while also ensuring your precious intellectual property is protected.

Microsoft 365 provides three options for cloud document management. All options provide internal and external sharing capability as well as document versioning:

  • OneDrive – individual user storage (traditionally a user’s home drive).
  • SharePoint – companywide or team documents (e.g. sales).
  • Microsoft Teams – leveraging SharePoint but integrated and enhanced within a chat-based workspace.

Lucidity will work with you to design the best document structure for your business considering access permissions and sharing, then migrate your documents from existing repositories into the relevant Microsoft 365 service, typically:

  • Company documents -> SharePoint or Microsoft Teams
  • User specific data -> OneDrive
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What you get with Lucidity

  • A modern document management solution that simplifies remote access, collaboration and sharing.
  • A well-thought-out solution that works for your business, designed with you and security in mind.
  • All documents will be migrated by Lucidity ready for you to access at go-live.

Enhanced collaboration

Office documents support real-time co-authoring, version control and permission dependant can be shared internally and externally.

Simple access from anywhere

Documents can be accessed directly from File Explorer, Microsoft Teams or a web browser – No VPN required!

Offline access to documents

Don’t have internet access for a time? Using File Explorer simply mark documents and folders for offline access.
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Advanced security options

SharePoint and OneDrive support Data Loss Prevention, Sensitivity Labelling, password protected document encryption and time bound access.
If your documents are already in OneDrive or SharePoint, we can assist you get the most out of the solutions such as document restructures or security improvements. We can also assist you migrating from other cloud document management solutions such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

We’d love to hear from you and determine the best solution for your business

Check out our menu-based solutions and get an instant estimate now, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs.

Document Migration Lite

A cost-effective solution to migrate simple document structures with limited permissions into M365.

Document Migration Standard

Meets the typical requirements of a business to have several document repositories with some unique permissions.

Document Migration Advanced

Suitable where careful planning and documentation is required, and the solution needs to be customised to suit.

Frequently asked questions

SharePoint is a cloud-based document management and intranet solution provided in Microsoft 365. It provides a modern file share solution similar to Dropbox but fully integrated into the Microsoft Office suite. SharePoint supports real-time co-authoring, document sharing and collaboration with internal and external participants, automatic version control, and has a suite of advanced access and security controls.

OneDrive is a cloud-based document management solution based on SharePoint but designed for individual user’s documents – similar to the traditional user home drive, but with all the modern document collaboration features you get with SharePoint, including co-authoring, sharing and version control.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that supports sharing and accessing documents in the flow of conversation. These experiences are powered by OneDrive and SharePoint and inherit all the same great features. Documents shared in chat are saved in OneDrive, while documents that are shared in a team-based conversation are saved in SharePoint. Documents can be found and quickly accessed via the Files tab in the relevant chat or team conversation.

OneDrive is also a piece of software known as the OneDrive sync client. It’s built into Windows and available for Mac. You may already be using it to connect to Microsoft personal accounts that you may have.

The OneDrive sync client can connect to both OneDrive and SharePoint to provide File Explorer access to cloud-based documents, including the ability to work on documents while offline.

SharePoint and OneDrive can be accessed from any supported web browser such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox. The OneDrive sync client can be installed on Widows and Mac computers. There is also an app for iOS and Android.

OneDrive and SharePoint are included in most Microsoft 365 product bundles, so chances are you are already paying for the service. It can also be purchased via a separate standalone licence.

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs – Request menu pricing here.

Can’t find something on the menu? Get in touch and we can discuss a custom solution.

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Benefits of working with Lucidity

  • Our good, better, best menu-based solutions provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs – see our menu and get an instant estimate now!

  • Leverage 20+ years’ experience in Cloud solutions.

  • We are a Microsoft certified partner for Modern Work.

  • Our highly skilled consultancy team can assist across the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Be confident your information is secure working with an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Managed IT Services provider.

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