Lucidity CyberProtect ensures your end users and systems are secure from Cyber Security threats.

  • Fight against the ever-increasing and more sophisticated Cyber Security threat.
  • Protect your business’s ability to operate, its intellectual property, and your customers sensitive data.
  • Identify and react to Cyber Security threats as they emerge.

Where CyberProtect can help

Not considering Cyber Security risk for your business is akin to leaving your front door wide open. Cyber Security risk continues to become more of a threat with Cyber Criminals using ever evolving and more sophisticated techniques to gain access to your precious systems and data. Cyber Criminals use automated techniques to find exploitable vulnerabilities, so not matter your size or location, your business is a target. Cyber Security is critical to protecting your business’s ability to operate, its intellectual property, and your customers sensitive data.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

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    Limited or unknown Cyber Security protections.

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    No cyber threat management or disaster recovery plan in place.

Cyber Security by the numbers

CERT NZ is New Zealand’s Cyber Security authority. Every quarter they release statistics on how Kiwi business are affected by Cyber Criminals.

$4.2 million in direct financial loss

Reported in Q2 2023. 21% of incidents reported financial loss.

Incidents Reported

1,950 in Q2 2023, down 1% from Q1 2023.

Phishing and credential harvesting

Increased 26% from 02 2023.

Malware Reports

Increased 36% from Q2 2023.

Lucidity’s CyberProtect solution

Lucidity CyberProtect provides Cyber Security threat prevention, detection and response services with several options to meet your needs and budget. CyberProtect can be purchased separately and is included in our Managed IT Bundles. We can also assist with Cyber Security reviews, audits and remediation – learn more.


CyberProtect Essentials

Provides a better than most entry into the world of Cyber Security protection, including prevention, detection and response capabilities.
  • Best practice Multi-Factor Authentication configuration.
  • Anti-Spam Filtering configuration.
  • Backup for Microsoft 365 covering your email, contacts, calendar and documents.
  • Automatic Email Signature management that ensures brand consistency and helps others identify unusual emails impersonating your business and staff.
  • Darkweb Monitoring identifies your staff login information being exposed in a data breach.
  • Cyber Security response by the Lucidity Helpdesk.

CyberProtect Complete

Provides an advanced solution to Cyber Security protection, including prevention, detection and response capabilities.
  • Everything from Essentials +‌
  • Web Content Filtering & Monitoring to avoid your staff visiting malicious sites or content on the internet.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training will help your staff identify and avoid threats.

CyberProtect Premium

Is our top end solution to Cyber Security protection, including prevention, and advanced detection and response capabilities via a team of dedicated experts that aim to respond within 15 minutes.
  • Everything from Complete +‌
  • A Password Manager provides efficient access to strong and unique passwords across applications.
  • Managed Detection & Response by Cyber Experts with a target response time of 15 mins (similar to a SIEM/SOC solution).
  • Managed App Control allows black- and whitelisting to ensure only approved apps are in use.
  • Automated Microsoft 365 Vulnerability Scanning and alerting.
  • On demand External Vulnerability Scanning.
  • Lucidity will cover any Cyber Remediation activities up to 8 hours per event.
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Be better protected

No matter the plan your select, we aim to provide better than most protection.

Cost effective yet advanced

Get big business Cyber Security at small business prices.

All aspects covered

  • Prevention – user training and software-based defences.
  • Detection – Advanced warning of potential threats for quick response.
  • Response – Automated and human operated response.

Managed detection & response team

Our human operated Managed Detection & Response team analyses and reacts to threats in real-time for the ultimate Cyber Security protection.

We’d love to hear from you and determine the best solution for your business

Check out our menu-based solutions and get an instant estimate now, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

CyberProtect menu

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs.

CyberProtect Essentials

Offers robust entry-level cyber security with multi-factor authentication, anti-spam, Microsoft 365 backup, email signature management, and dark web monitoring.

CyberProtect Complete

Enhances Essentials with web content filtering, cyber security awareness training, and comprehensive monitoring to prevent access to harmful content.

CyberProtect Premium

Premium cyber security with everything from Complete, plus managed detection and response, password management, app control, and proactive vulnerability scanning.

Compare plan details

Frequently asked questions

Glad you asked – we have transparent menu-based pricing that reduces in cost as you grow – Request our pricing menu here. Also, CyberProtect is included in all our Managed IT Bundles.

No, we cover the cost to on-board your users, devices and Microsoft 365 into Cyber Security services. We may need your assistance on the ground to install our software management agent – from here we can do everything else remotely. If you need assistance onsite to install the agent there may be additional costs.

CyberProtect Complete is our most popular Cyber Security plan.

Moving to Lucidity is easy


Initial meeting

Meet with our friendly team to discuss your business needs and wants.


Model selection

Choose a desktop delivery model – Azure Virtual Desktop or Intune (Physical) Desktop.


Security review

Review your Cyber Security requirements.


Plan selection

Select a Managed IT Services plan from our menu.


Project choices

Select migration and upgrade projects from our menu.


Migration start

Get started with our Professional Services team of consultants who will migrate your business to Lucidity and complete any projects.


Continuous support

Enjoy friendly, secure and evolving Managed IT Services.

Benefits of working with Lucidity

  • A people and customer centric culture led by our 3 directors who actively work in the business.

  • 20+ years’ experience in cloud, originally delivered from our own datacentres, and now exclusively in Microsoft 365 and Azure, our customers harness a diverse range of skills.

  • Our industry leading ratio of Helpdesk Engineers to specialist Consultants provides you access to all the skills you need.

  • We are fanatical innovators – we continuously evolve to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Our good, better, best menu-based solutions provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs – see our menu and get an instant estimate now!

  • We are a Microsoft certified partner for Modern Work.

  • Be confident your information is secure working with an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Managed IT Services provider.

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