Managed IT Premium

The benefits of the Managed IT Premium bundle

Our Premium Bundle is a Managed IT Services Bundle providing your business all the functions of a mature IT department, including advanced security.

Our most comprehensive option is suitable where there is no IT executive or operations function within your business or needs are complex – IT will be highly engaged, secure and evolve with the business.

We focus on delivering real and tangible value to your business across all facets of IT – Helpdesk, Security, Management and Maintenance, Strategic Planning and Risk Management.

Often Managed IT Services providers only provide an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff with limited proactive services. Lucidity’s ‘secret sauce’ in our Managed IT Services offerings is an emphasis on forward looking services (pink) that provide a foundation for reduced reactive support incidents and reduced services noise (orange).


More about your Technology Alignment Manager (TAM)

Lucidity maintains an ever-evolving IT standards library. These standards set the benchmark to which Lucidity services are delivered and our customer environments are aligned against. You will be assigned a dedicated Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) who will assume technical ownership and become the expert on your systems and to your people, be your technology advocate within Lucidity, and will be responsible for running frequent technology alignment reviews against our standards. Your TAM will also schedule monthly meetings and become a familiar face to your staff.

Most Managed IT Service providers have standards, but they are often only addressed once during onboarding. IT changes constantly, so Lucidity believes the ownership taken by your TAM will ensure the best results overtime.

By keeping your systems as close to ideal standards as possible, you get predicable results. We understand that perfection can be expensive, and you don’t have an unlimited budget, so where we can’t get you into alignment, we will help you understand business impact and manage the risks, which is where the Trusted Advisor (vCIO) comes in.

More about your Trusted Advisor (a.k.a vCIO)

Coupled to your TAM is a dedicated Trusted Advisor (vCIO). Your Trusted Advisor (vCIO) is responsible to get to know your business and how it operates, help you understand where IT improvements can be made, and manage IT business impact and risk. Your Trusted Advisor (vCIO) works closely with your TAM and is responsible for turning alignment reviews into IT strategy, budgeting and risk management, as well as meeting with senior leaders within your business every quarter.

Technical Alignment and Trusted Advisor (vCIO) set Lucidity apart and are the foundation of our service – Providing forward looking proactive services, and visible familiar faces to the often-invisible Managed IT Service provider. Our ‘secret sauce’ is combined with industry standard services to provide a fully managed service.

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Benefits of working with Lucidity

  • A people and customer centric culture led by our 3 directors who actively work in the business.

  • 20+ years’ experience in cloud, originally delivered from our own datacentres, and now exclusively in Microsoft 365 and Azure, our customers harness a diverse range of skills.

  • Our industry leading ratio of Helpdesk Engineers to specialist Consultants provides you access to all the skills you need.

  • We are fanatical innovators – we continuously evolve to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Our our good, better, best menu-based solutions provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs – see our menu and get an instant estimate now!

  • We are a Microsoft certified partner for Modern Work.

  • Be confident your information is secure working with an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Managed IT Services provider.

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