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What is a Virtual CIO?

The modern CIO is responsible for IT systems and technical strategy within a business. Big NZ businesses have technology experts with many years experience under their belts guiding the company through the ever changing minefield of IT systems.

Employing a CIO into your business can be a very expensive exercise. CIO’s get to where they are in their career with many years of personal experience and growth; they don’t come cheap.
Lucidity offer a Virtual CIO service – we can work with you to understand your business strategy, and then guide your executive team and board members to implement timelines and strategies to keep your IT platforms modern, salable and functional.

Lucidity have been designing and delivering IT solutions in the NZ market for 19+ years. We have thousands of successful IT projects under our belt and an experienced consulting team ready to help.
A Virtual CIO can work with you as much or as little as you need to help guide you down the right path, using the right technology for your business.

Key benefits of a CIO / vCIO

  • A Virtual CIO is able to analyse your business with a fresh perspective.

  • We can identify the key strengths and weaknesses in current solutions by identifying and sharing the lessons learnt from other customers we have worked with over our long time in the NZ IT industry.

  • Together we can come up with plans on how to get your systems and processes in alignment by helping you explore the many new cloud products that are on the market.

  • We can work with you to help you migrate to the cloud, or guide you and your own team through the processes required to ensure a Modern Workplace approach to your technical strategy.

  • From a one time analysis of current systems and future goals, through to a permanent resource focused on your internal systems, we can engage with you at all different levels.

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