Protect your valuable business and customer data from the increasing cyber security threat

  • Ensure your Office 365 and Azure services are secure and configured to best practice.
  • Improve your Microsoft Secure Score.
  • Identify and manage IT business risks.

Where Cyber Security Services can help

Out of the box, Office 365 and Azure offer limited protection to Cyber Security threats. Many of the features you need to keep secure are available, but they need to be configured to be useful. Our Cyber Security reviews provide a state of the nation along with the recommendations required to meet or exceed best practices.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

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    You are unsure of your current Cyber Security position.

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    Your Microsoft Secure Score is not doing so well at less than 50%.

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    No cyber threat management or disaster recovery plan in place.

Lucidity’s Cyber Security solution

Not considering Cyber Security risk for your business is akin to leaving your front door wide open. Cyber Security risk continues to become more of a threat with Cyber Criminals using ever evolving and more sophisticated techniques to gain access to your precious systems and data. Cyber Criminals use automated techniques to find exploitable vulnerabilities, so not matter your size or location, your business is a target.

The first part of protecting your business from Cyber Security threats is knowing your current position and its associated risk. From here you can make an informed decision on where your IT budget is best spent to reduce or eliminate identified risks. This would include ensuring that Office 365 and Azure are configured using security best practices, and that you have other suitable guards in place such as Anti-Virus and Spam Filtering. Lucidity help you do this by reviewing your current configurations, making recommendations, then helping you make improvements.

The second part is detection and response with the goal of mitigating threats as quickly as possible to reduce the damage that can be done. For example, an undetected virus may spread from an end-users computer to a critical system. Lucidity achieves varying levels of detection and response with our Cyber Security Managed IT Services.

Cyber Security by the numbers

CERT NZ is New Zealand’s Cyber Security authority. Every quarter they release statistics on how Kiwi businesses are affected by Cyber Criminals

$4.2 million in direct financial loss

Reported in Q2 2023. 21% of incidents reported financial loss.

Incidents Reported

1,950 in Q2 2023, down 1% from Q1 2023

Phishing and credential harvesting

Increased 26% from Q2 2023.

Malware Reports

Increased 36% from Q2 2023.

What you get with Lucidity

  • Know your current security position and associated risks related to Office 365 and Azure.
  • Recommendations based on best practices informed by Microsoft and the CIS Framework.
  • A skilled team of experts that can help your business implement improvements.
  • Cyber Security detection and response and Trusted Advisor (vCIO) services to ensure risks are well managed.
  • Optional independent security reviews and penetration testing to validate the work we do.
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Security review

Complete an Office 365 or Azure Cyber Security review with Lucidity to understand your current risk position along with our recommendations.

Security remediation menu

Choose a Cyber Security remediation option from our menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs.

Highly skilled professional services team

Lucidity have an internal team of highly skilled Professional Services consultants to ensure you get the right solution delivered to best practice.
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Independent security services

Though our partner network we offer independent security audits, ratings and certifications against standards such as ISO27001, PCI DSS, and SOC2.

We’d love to hear from you and determine the best solution for your business

Check out our menu-based solutions and get an instant estimate now, or get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Cyber Security Projects Menu

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their estimated costs.

Security Review

Assesses your current Microsoft or Azure security configurations and provides a summary report of the findings.

Security Lite

Security Lite is our minimum and strongly recommended security offering, ensuring Multi-Factor Authentication
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is enabled and high-risk Legacy Authentication is disabled.

Security Standard

Builds on Security Lite with a collection of security policies that improve your businesses Cyber Security position with little to no user impact.

Security Advanced

Builds on Security Standard further hardening your position against Cyberthreats.

Frequently asked questions

The question is not if, but when your business is affected by a Cyber Security event. So, the more planning and protection you have in place will lower your risk and quicken your response.

The first step is understanding your current position and the associated risks so that you can make an informed decision on how to protect your business. From here you may or may not choose to implement changes based on these risks.

Microsoft licencing tiers provide varying degrees of Cyber Security features. No matter your licence, you will gain benefits from our Cyber Security review and hardening. We will make you aware of the benefits that you will or wont gain based on your licences. Lucidity strongly recommend Business Premium to our customers because it includes conditions-based access rules for signing in, next-gen Anti-Virus, advanced Spam filtering and Intune device management.

We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective enterprise grade solutions to small and medium sized businesses just like us. We do this with our transparent menu-based solutions which provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs

Request menu pricing here.

Moving to Lucidity is easy


Initial meeting

Meet with our friendly team to discuss your business needs and wants.


Model selection

Choose a desktop delivery model – Azure Virtual Desktop or Intune (Physical) Desktop.


Security review

Review your Cyber Security requirements.


Plan selection

Select a Managed IT Services plan from our menu.


Project choices

Select migration and upgrade projects from our menu.


Migration start

Get started with our Professional Services team of consultants who will migrate your business to Lucidity and complete any projects.


Continuous support

Enjoy friendly, secure and evolving Managed IT Services.

Benefits of working with Lucidity

  • Our good, better, best menu-based solutions provide easy to understand deliverables and their associated costs – see our menu and get an instant estimate now!

  • Leverage 20+ years’ experience in Cloud solutions.

  • We are a Microsoft certified partner for Modern Work.

  • Our highly skilled consultancy team can assist across the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Be confident your information is secure working with an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Managed IT Services provider.

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