Azure Virtual Desktop Solution for Freshmax

Project Background:

Throughout the supply chain of Fresh Produce, from field to fork, Freshmax drives innovation and efficiency and manages commercial relationships across 87 countries spanning seven continents. Annually Freshmax handle more than 36 million boxes of fresh produce.The Freshmax Group comprises one of the largest fresh produce marketing and distribution operations across the Southern Hemisphere. Freshmax has packhouses across New Zealand and Australia, exporting across the globe. As such, Freshmax needs a fast and efficient cloud solution to ensure their day to day operations run smoothly across the board.

Watch this video to see why we implemented an AVD solution and how the Freshmax Group’s experience has been

The problem:

Lucidity started working with Freshmax in 2014, the initial challenge faced was taking Freshmax’s complex infrastructure and business application landscape and migrating it into the cloud - to benefit from the inherent efficiencies, ease of access, and secure consistent user experience.

At that time, Lucidity onboarded Freshmax to its in-country cloud based managed platform which allowed companies in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch to connect into the same database and application landscape in a secure and consistent manner; a modern cloud-based approach for the time. The managed service solution had serviced them well for around 8 years.

However, as an ever-expanding company, Freshmax needed to keep up to date with best practice solutions. In 2021, Lucidity approached Freshmax with an updated solution that would allow them access to the global cloud and ramp up the efficiencies there.

“We had a seamless experience in terms of the migration from the old RDS environment to the new Azure virtual desktop, and I highly recommend lucidity in terms of that process.”- Rob Nichols, Freshmax Group IT Manager.

The solution:

Lucidity tailored an Azure Virtual Desktop solution that allowed seamless migration from the old to the new platform. The prospect of changing to a new platform can be daunting for companies whose business relies on the day to day function of their IT systems but Lucidity did it seamlessly. The old Remote desktop had worked well and the new solution, being similar, fits well into their existing style of work. The methodology to connect was very close to their previous solution, allowing the users to adapt quickly and easily.

The outcomes:

Freshmax Group IT Manager, Rob Nichols, has found that the most beneficial aspect of the change to AVD is that it's a single secure consistent application desktop for users. This means that when a user goes into this environment, they see the bespoke Freshmax applications and services alongside known Microsoft favourites. They don't have to leave one environment to access other applications, everything is present. The additional performance increase on Azure Virtual Desktop was noticed by the team in their day to day, and has made the difference to daily operations.

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