Office365 | Azure Virtual Desktop Remote Working Solution for NZTB

How we supported New Zealand Travel Brokers in quickly facilitating a remote working model through Covid-19.

Project Background:

During the Global Covid 19 Pandemic, a vast majority of industries had to work remotely very suddenly. New Zealand Travel Brokers had an important role in the repatriation effort, and so Lucidity offered substantially discounted Microsoft services to ensure that their businesses could continue to operate in a remote capacity and bring our Kiwis home.

Watch this video to learn more about how we implemented a remote working solution for New Zealand Travel Brokers.

The problem:

2020 was a year of substantial challenges. The global COVID 19 pandemic has impacted businesses and industries worldwide, but no industry has been impacted as much as the travel and tourism industry.

New Zealand Travel Brokers are one of Lucidity’s largest travel customers operating under a broker model with a dedicated support team located across Palmerston, North Auckland and Wellington.

With a dispersed workforce, it was essential for New Zealand Travel Brokers to move a standardised solution that could offer the 170 brokers the same seamless end user experience, regardless of their individual locations.

“I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Lucidity to any other businesses that are looking at joining them. They have the most modern and reliable platform that I have ever worked on with over 15 years in the industry. It is quick, modern and very secure and yeah, just a really, really great bunch to work with”

The solution:

Lucidity deployed Office365 alongside the New Zealand Travel Broker line of business applications using Lucidity’s Managed Desktop Solution. The Managed Desktop Solution uses the latest cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure) to provide the very best in security, speed and scalability that modern technologies can offer.

Managing a very dispersed workforce is a challenge as now there are 170 individual networks rather than the fewer traditional offices. Managing efficiency across this new paradigm was solved by Lucidity developing an in-house application called Lucidity Client Manager (this sits on the end user's laptop). The application utilizes modern technology from Azure like Stream Analytics, Azure Event Hub and Power BI. Lucidity can instantly see where issues may be occurring, either on the local device or the local Wi-fi network. This enables Lucidity to isolate the location of the issue quickly and deliver rapid customer support, as well as offering insights to our customers about the network performance of their remote location.

The outcome:

Lucidity implemented a highly secure and reliable solution which allowed New Zealand Travel Brokers to continue their important work without the need to worry about connectivity issues across their multiple remote locations. They were able to operate efficiently and effectively during a period where remote work was vital and the Lucidity self-written Client Manager allows rapid fault isolation and troubleshooting.

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