IT Support

New Zealand based technical and IT support

IT is complex, with a lot of interdependencies and moving parts to keep oiled. Here at Lucidity, we take pride in delivering excellent IT support.

Break Fix Support / On-site Support

When something isn’t working and you need help, IT Support is just a phone call away.

Advanced IT Support

We offer Auditing, pro-active maintenance, security investigations, containment and mitigation, as well as best practice systems configuration. (e.g. CERT NZ)


We review multiple system updates and advisories and aggregate these for you on our status portal.

Moves, adds and changes support

Lucidity supports when you need to add users, manage group permissions, change licences from one user to another. We’ll help ensure that you are complaint.

Modern Workplace Licensing expertise

We ensure that your licensing matches your needs, that you are compliant and that you’re getting the best value. We also offer Agreement Management and Renewals management.

Service Delivery Management

Along with the IT helpdesk that you can call, you will have an escalation and account manager to help you plan and manage your current and future IT support needs.

Pre-paid Consultant hours

We supplement your team with specific advanced technical skills that you can leverage to help fill in the technology gaps that you need IT support with.

Tech to tech support for Lucidity products

For customers who bought products from Lucidity and have their own internal support capability, this service provides services analysis and automated status updates along with technical support (engineer to engineer) for services procured from Lucidity.


A CIO-level guidance and planning solution available to your business, as a service. Focusing on business and IT alignment, the vCIO gives smaller and mid-size businesses the expertise and value of a technology advisor without the cost of an in-house CIO.

The Lucidity Difference

The Lucidity team have been supporting customers with their IT for nearly two decades. We have developed a lot of processes and procedures to deal with standard IT issues that happen the world over.

Using our automation platform, our aim is to minimise issues at the outset by setting up IT services in a uniform, repeatable manner.

We pride ourselves on our friendly pragmatic approach to IT support and believe our company punches well beyond its weight when it comes to supporting our 5000+ users of our services.

If you’d like to see your team provided with IT support that improves your business productivity talk to the Lucidity Team today to discuss your needs

Lucidity Support Plans

Lucidity have fine tuned our support offering over our time to ensure we offer the highest level of support in all instances.
We offer different support options and monthly maintenance plans as per below:


✓ Fully outsourced IT Support Services with predictable costs.

✓ Support within NZ business hours (Support charged when required outside of NZ business hours).

✓ Helpdesk services for all your users.

✓ Managed SLA

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✓ Fully outsourced IT Support, includes businesses that operate overnight, on weekends and/or have users abroad.

✓ Support within NZ business hours and urgent support outside of NZ business hours (Support charged when requirements are non-urgent and are requested outside of NZ business hours).

✓ Helpdesk services for all your users.

✓ Managed SLA

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For further details on Lucidity Support, please refer to the Lucidity Support Policy.

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