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Lucidity have been providing Infrastructure as a Service to our clients since we started 20 years ago. Over this time, we’ve seen different platforms come and go and the arrival of big public cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Azure has become hugely popular within our customer base as a natural extension to other Microsoft products and services.  Lucidity now delivers all our cloud services from Azure.  Our technical team are Microsoft 365 and Azure certified to ensure we stay up to date with the modern approach to delivering reliable and secure IT platforms.

If you want to look at outsourcing your IT infrastructure and want friendly advice learnt from our real-world experience with migrating between platforms, get in touch with the team and we will be more than happy to discuss all the options available to you.

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Microsoft Azure

Whether you decide to use Microsoft Azure’s public cloud or a hybrid configuration, transitioning to the cloud requires a plan and a strategy to ensure you get the full benefit of the new environment.

Lucidity’s Managed Azure service provides you with experts who can provide consulting services to help you design, implement, and manage Azure Virtual Machines, Networks, and other Azure Services.

We can architect your public cloud environment and help you transition applications, data, and users, then continue to support your rollout, as well as providing 24/7 technical support. We’ll make sure your data is stored safely, your applications accessed securely, and all the systems needed for business operations are backed up and easily recoverable in the cloud.

Why not let our experts do the design, configuration and provide ongoing management for Microsoft Azure, so your business can gain the full benefits?

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Tackling the world of cloud can be daunting. Things are changing so fast in this game, you can start a project and by the time you’re finished, the technology has changed and a whole lot of time (and money) has been wasted on a solution no longer relevant.

Migration tools and software are coming out all the time to make transitioning easier, and it’s almost a full time job just keeping up with these!

The public clouds like Microsoft Azure are amazing and can save huge amounts of time and cost, but sometimes, there are smarter local solutions that can be a bit more cost effective for the scale of what you need to do.

Talk to Lucidity engineers before kicking off a migration to the public cloud, we may have some insight in to a smarter way to spend your money.