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Managed Desktop – Your Desktop in the Cloud

Managed Desktop provides a simple unified desktop solution to run all your business applications from the cloud, accessible securely over the internet on any device.

A desktop that feels and behaves like a Windows 10 PC, but is delivered from Microsoft Azure or Lucidity’s NZ hosted cloud infrastructure.

Deliver a familiar Windows 10 experience to your team, but rest assured all the complicated things like databases and security are taken care of for you by a Microsoft Award Winning Managed Service Provider with 17+ years experience in this field.

The result is your data, business applications and the latest Microsoft Office technologies are always ready for you whether in the office, at home, at the airport or overseas.

Lucidity leverage our own NZ based platform, or the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop platform to deliver the best solution for your business.

Check out this video on the Top 10 best features of Lucidity’s Managed Desktop offering.

Managed Desktop

Industry Leaders in Remote Desktop solutions

Lucidity have been delivering Managed Desktop solutions from the time we started in 2003.  We have a comprehensive server platform in a Tier 3 NZ Data Center and can deliver high performance local solutions from there, or design solutions using Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop technology hosted on the Azure platform in Australia.

Managed Desktop takes care of the delivery of all your key business applications.

We use industry leading application management systems, printer management and security detection systems and can host all your database and bespoke application requirements.

We have built up a vast catalog of applications we can deliver through the desktop solution and can cater to your individual system and network requirements.

We have worked extensively with software partners all over the world, from ERP software out of the USA through to complex travel software out of the Netherlands.

Our team of clever Windows Engineers have many years of real world experience implementing solutions and making software work together to provide simple solutions for our customers.

Managed Desktop is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 365.  As a Gold Microsoft partner, we can utilise your existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions and combine them seamlessly with Managed Desktop.

Azure Virtual Desktop allows us to run applications like Microsoft Teams inside your desktop solution to provide a truly modern and seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Integrity & Security

Lucidity’s Managed Desktop Platform puts your business’s data integrity and security first.

The platform is supported by a number of enterprise grade security tools including:

  • Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management Platform
  • Next generation Antivirus/Endpoint Protection
  • Anti-Ransomware Protection
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Encrypted Transfer of Data

Lucidity have invested heavily in security technology as well as local specialist resource in this field.

Our firewall and reporting solutions protect your team from the many modern IT security threats.

Reduce Risk & Cost

Running on-premise infrastructure is a costly exercise. It has a high capital investment cost, as well as on-going operational maintenance costs. It also exposes your business to an unnecessary amount of risk.

Lucidity have designed Managed Desktop to be securely accessed over the internet. Expensive private network links are not required to run the solution.  We stay on top of the technology and upgrade components as necessary to stay secure.

You don’t need to keep buying high end computer equipment every few years to keep up with the demands of new software.  A basic computer, tablet or mobile device is all you need to access all your business applications, all for a predictable monthly subscription.

Work Remotely

You can access your Managed Desktop from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This will give you access to:

  • Line of Business Applications
  • Office 365 Applications
  • Company File Data
  • Company Collaboration Tools

No data is stored on your local devices.  You don’t need to worry about your business data if your local computer equipment is stolen or damaged.  Just sign in with your credentials from another device and carry on working.

With the uncertainty of the Covid situation, its very easy to get your team working remotely from almost any device.  We can have your users up and running generally in a few minutes.

What our customers have to say


“We were recently fortunate to not have any significant impact from the earthquake. Managed Desktop’s remote working capability is invaluable to the staff and to our business operation. This is the case at all times, not only when disaster occurs.

We also feel reassured that our data is safeguarded in the cloud environment.”

Paul Borrie, helloworld
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“It is fantastic working with the Lucidity team. They listen to what your requirements are and tailor a unique solution to fit your business. They are not afraid to think and operate “outside the square” and are continually focused on future IT developments. The team gives you confidence that they are working for you and your business and that they are always working on improvements and new innovations.”

Wendy van Lieshout, World Travellers
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Managed Desktop

Automation & Control

Lucidity have built our Managed Desktop automation to stand up new application servers in minutes, providing additional capacity on the fly; our platform can rapidly scale with your demands.

Over the years, we have worked with many customers who have opened a new office, or acquired a new business unit.  In these situations, our engineers can turn on additional capacity on our platform to deliver customer applications in minutes.  We run powerful database clusters and virtualized server technology to allow us to deliver the right amount of resource to your specific business needs.  Lucidity Managed Desktop grows with your business.  We host customers from a few users through to hundreds of users across offices all over the country.

We have developed our own Power BI reporting system to manage user to server ratio’s and ensure we are running our remote desktop services at the right level of resource to ensure consistent performance to your business.

We use enterprise application management software to allow us to ‘package’ up your specific business applications and configuration and deploy out to the servers that run the applications for your users.  Patching applications and keeping things up to date is automatic; you don’t have to worry about any of the complexities of updating servers.

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Next Steps

Lucidity have been delivering remote desktop solutions to businesses all over NZ for 17+ years.  We have vast experience in this technology and have built a huge amount of knowledge around supporting and updating Windows applications and systems.

We understand that making the commitment to change IT platform is no overnight decision.  You need to do your own research and get an understanding of the best way to deliver a solution to suit your unique company requirements.

Our Cloud Consultants are always interested in talking about your requirements to see if we can design the right IT solution for you.

Please get in contact with our team to discuss the challenges you face with your current IT solution and we can help you plan a modern hybrid-cloud solution to see your business well in to the future.

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