Managed IT Services

If managing your IT is time consuming and your IT infrastructure spend is a concern, then outsourcing could be your solution.

What we offer

At Lucidity, we provide fully managed IT Services meaning you can entirely or partially, outsource your existing IT operations, including all your usual business applications, desktops, devices, hardware, networks, platforms and servers.

We’ll assume ongoing responsibility for managing, monitoring and problem resolution of your select IT systems on your behalf, with the flexibility of a pay-as-you-need subscription plan.

As the Managed Service of the Year award winner at the 2017 Microsoft partner awards, you can be assured that you are in the best hands with Lucidity.

Imagine no longer having to manage your IT in-house, as well as being able to work from anywhere, improving your data security and reducing your IT costs!

Check out our Modern Workplace solution offerings to solve your business IT challenges.

Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365

Lucidity have been delivering remote desktop solutions across NZ since we started business in 2002. Delivering applications to our customers anywhere they want to work is our specialty.

As we celebrate 20 years in business, we’ve recently moved all our customer solutions to modern Microsoft Azure based remote desktop technology called Azure Virtual Desktop. Lucidity continues to allow you to run your business applications from anywhere, providing your employees a uniform and secure way to access their systems from any location.

With the power of Microsoft 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop, Lucidity can deliver a high performance, fast, secure IT environment for your business. We’re experts at migrating on-premises servers and systems to the cloud.

If your business is looking for an effective way to manage your overall IT platform while ensuring you stay up to date and secure, reach out to Lucidity, we’d love to discuss your plans and see if we can help you get control of your IT.

Azure Virtual DesktopMicrosoft 365

Lucidity 365 Workspace

Our Modern Workplace solution to complement Office 365, Lucidity 365 Workspace provides a whole new way of working securely in your web browser on your local device.

Access all your web and desktop applications from any device or web browser. Eradicate passwords across your business with Azure Single Sign On technology.

Bring Power BI charts, RSS feeds and business data directly to your workspace. Organise your space like you would applications on your mobile device.

Lucidity 365 has a wide spectrum of functionality to offer. Check out the demo video on our product page to learn more.

Lucidity 365 Workspace

Collaboration Solutions

Lucidity have been delivering telephony solutions with Microsoft Unified Communications products for 10+ years.

We Teams Direct Routing support for full phone system functionality within Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

We can connect your existing Office 365 Tenant directly to the NZ telephone network and instantly turn on meeting and voice services.

Lucidity partners with Access4 and Broadsoft to deliver a complete PABX system with Contact Centre options and functionality.

Lucidity can consult, design and implement a complete telephony strategy for your business.

Teams for BusinessUC OneContact Centre

Cloud Consulting Services

With many successful cloud implementations delivered, we’ve built a strong team of cloud consultants and IT engineers across a range of different technologies and products.

We know what works, and more importantly what doesn’t. We use best of breed software and systems to help migrate our customers to the cloud and manage and maintain their systems day to day.

We have extensive knowledge in developing solutions for our customers and customising products like Dynamics 365 and FreshDesk, to provide complete end to end solutions for our hosted services customers.

If you need help with your IT strategy or are thinking of migrating services to the cloud, we are happy to have a no obligation discussion to see if we can add value to your business.

Virtual CIODigital TransformationLucidity 365 Workspace

Device Management and Security

To provide a complete end to end solution – Lucidity manage your individual computers and mobile devices to provide a total cover solution.

Lucidity utilise industry leading Kaseya and Microsoft InTune technology to manage and maintain your devices, wherever they are located.

We can apply policies and patching to take away all the maintenance tasks from the end users and their local devices.

Coupled with SentinelOne and Fortinet security solutions, Lucidity has all your internet, firewall and local device management covered.

Check out the different options available with Lucidity Cloud Cover.

Cloud Cover