Why would I change to Managed Desktop?  The traditional “onsite” model houses IT infrastructure within your office. This model imposes high risk – servers on site are a single point of failure and are often not housed with appropriate security, power, network or cooling. Onsite equipment incurs large costs to buy, implement, support and upgrade, to make your investment fault tolerant the costs are dramatically increased.  Managed Desktop eliminates the onsite model for infrastructure – your business immediately gains an enterprise grade, secure and redundant system, thus reducing your business risk and associated IT costs.


How reliable is the system?  Hardware is regularly upgraded and maintained to the latest standards. Monitoring tools ensure that any issues that could affect the system are isolated and dealt with before they affect clients. Our servers and network equipment are clustered and fault tolerant – this means that even a hardware failure should not impact your service.


Can my business partners, brokers or agents have access to the system?  Access is available from anywhere via an internet connection, which enables secure access to business systems by trusted partners and agents. We have strong controls around security and access to ensure that only the approved personnel have access to your systems and data.


What protection do I have from viruses and other threats?  First-rate virus protection is supplied with Managed Desktop. All virus updates and scans are automatic and virtually eliminate any threats.


How secure is my information?  Infrastructure is physically secured by manned datacentres, staff require approved photo ID to access servers. All of our services are access via SSL certified secure connections – the same security protection used internationally for online banking.


How often will my data be backed up?  We have multiple options for backup. By default we store three independent copies of production data and backup data on at least a 2-hourly schedule to a secondary system, this data can then be transferred to a secondary datacentre if required. For higher priority transactional data we can offer more frequent backups or replication of data in near real time to a secondary datacentre.


What happens if there is a power cut to your data centre?  Our data centres are purpose built and are designed to cope with electricity supply failure. All of our servers have dual power feeds. Power is fed via banks of batteries and should there be a power cut, backup generators will start up to keep a continuous supply of power to servers. Backup generators are tested regularly.


What happens if there is a power cut to our office building?  The beauty of the cloud solution is that you can securely work from anywhere there is an internet connection. This means if there is a power cut at your office, you can use a battery operated device (i.e. laptop) and wireless hotspot, or all go home (or wherever there is electricity and internet) and continue to work!