Cloud-Based IT Solutions for YOU Travel

A customer since 2003, YOU Travel has worked with Lucidity from its infancy through to the successful cloud services provider it is today. Jeremy Shanahan talks about why Lucidity is a long standing partner…

Why were you looking for an alternative to your current system?

We previously had local servers and there were issues with setting up networks and backups along with using travel applications and outlook. We had a partnership with another agency and the need arose to have access to the accounting system across the group. We needed to be able to work off site where we could access all the databases/software that we run. When we decided to use a new travel application on our common platform there was a greater need for a remote desktop as the previous travel application had sat locally. Our scale probably meant in our previous system, we were running a machine that was possibly bigger than what we ultimately needed. The most critical thing was the security and backup. We could no longer tolerate having to consider back ups in our day to day workload. People say you need to get into a routine for backing up but the reality is that you never had a rigid day so it’s very hard to have a formal backup process.

Why did you choose Lucidity?

Lucidity was able to provide a reliable solution to suit our needs. The company has a strong presence in the travel industry so we knew the team understood our business and would grow and develop more solutions/technologies to fit our evolving needs. It’s been progressive and our move to the virtual desktop was the second phase. It’s been gradual and we’ve moved with Lucidity’s technologies as they’ve been developed. We’ve progressed as they’ve progressed. My relationship with the directors is long standing and they understand my business and we are served extremely well.


How is the Lucidity solution working now?

Having the ability to remotely access our system from anywhere, day or night, is seamless and a huge advantage. We can maximise the use of the system as we only pay for what we use and can be confident that we can log off at the end of the day and know that it’s all backed up. Using Lucidity’s Managed Office solution has put us in a situation where we are confident that the technology that we’re working with, is at least equal, if not more advanced, than anyone else’s which I think is the real benefit – that we’re up with the play!

Any other comments about working with Lucidity?

For us, it’s the knowledge that I can always access Lucidity without any problems – it’s the biggest benefit. Travel is a weird game where we use multiple software that we need to integrate. It’s a constant challenge and no one has it licked, but I think Lucidity understands us fully and know exactly where we stand. The team delivers what we need and I think the relationship and performance is really good.

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