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Welcome to Lucidity Client Support

Lucidity has designed a comprehensive support system to ensure that help is delivered quickly and effectively. This quick guide outlines our support processes.


Need assistance?


Contact the Lucidity support team

  • Log in to the support portal to submit a ticket - this is the primary and preferred method for logging a support request 

  • OR, Email our support team: (your email will automatically generate a support case and email confirmation of receipt)

  • OR, Phone our support team, 24/7: +64 9 377 2227 

  • OR, Emergency 24/7 paging service: 0800 502 055


Not getting responses from the above?

If you’ve logged a support request using one of the above methods, but you feel it’s not getting the attention it deserves, please use one of the following escalation points.

  • Non-urgent support escalation: Please email our Customer Services Team:
  • Urgent or emergency support escalation: Please phone your Account Manager


Client services login

You can log in as follows to access your applications from anywhere.

Managed Desktop

Managed Outlook

Managed Office 365

Control Panel

Managed SharePoint: Please contact your site administrator for your unique customer login.

Managed CRM: Please contact your site administrator for your unique customer login.

Contact information
2 Rockridge Avenue, Penrose, Auckland 1061
24/7 support
+64 9 363 88 88
About us
We are a New Zealand cloud services provider helping our clients benefit from trusted cloud based IT solutions that are easy to consume.
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