Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop


What it does

Managed Desktop is a virtual platform meaning that all of your data, core business applications and the latest Microsoft Office technologies are accessible to you from anywhere you connect to the internet, via any device.

By leveraging Lucidity’s mature IT knowledge, experience and cloud infrastructure, Managed Desktop allows you to reduce costs and improve your IT operations.

When you implement Managed Desktop, Lucidity will take full responsibility for providing, installing, maintaining and managing all standard operating systems and software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and MS SQL databases.



  • Cost savings. Outsource your IT and reduce infrastructure and staffing costs.
  • Remote working. Access all your normal business applications, including Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and more, from anywhere, on any device.
  • Improved data security. Remove the risk of having all your IT on premise and benefit from the ultimate in back up and disaster recovery systems.
  • Better IT support. Remove the hassle of day-to-day onsite IT support (backup, servers, virus checks, etc.) and focus on strategic business projects, not IT operations.


How it works


Questions and answers

Why would I change to Managed Desktop?
When your infrastructure sits locally, this is an onsite model. We see a huge risk in this model as servers on site are a single point of failure. Onsite equipment incurs large costs to buy, implement, support and upgrade. With Managed Desktop, we eliminate the need for this onsite model and your business is able to connect to an enterprise grade, secure and redundant system thus reducing your business risk and associated IT costs.

How reliable is the system?
Hardware is regularly upgraded and maintained to the latest standards. Monitoring tools ensure that any issues that could affect the system are isolated and dealt with before they affect clients.

Can my business partners, brokers or agents have access to the system?
Access is available from anywhere via an internet connection, which enables secure access to business systems by trusted partners and agents. You control the information they are able to access.

What protection do I have from viruses and other threats?
First-rate virus protection is supplied with Managed Desktop. All virus updates and scans are automatic and virtually eliminate any threats.

How secure is my information?
The system is extremely secure as it runs on an SSL certified secure connection - the same security protection that is used internationally for online banking.

How often will my data be backed up?
We backup the file server every 12 hours. We keep data for 30 days for quick access (short term) to disk and 3 months (long term) to tape. If you need to restore backed up data, simply log a support call/email and depending on the size and age of the file, data can be restored in as little as 5 minutes.

What happens if there is a power cut to your data centre?
Our infrastructure is based across several locations. All locations are purpose built data centres for server storage so there is high security, massive data pipes, air-conditioning/ climate control and backup generators for electricity. If there is a power cut to Auckland, the generators kick in and your service is uninterrupted.

What happens if there is a power cut to our office building?
The beauty of the cloud solution is that you can securely work from anywhere there is an internet connection. So if there is a power cut at your office, you can use a battery operated device (i.e. laptop) and wireless hotspot, or all go home (or wherever there is electricity and internet) and continue to work!

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