Microsoft ending Support for Windows 7

On the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will be ending support for Windows 7 after 10 years of supporting the product.

Although your Windows 7 computer won’t stop working overnight, this does mean that Microsoft will no longer provide any security updates or support for the product.

After this date, computer support companies like Lucidity can no longer fully support these machines.


Why Upgrade?

Windows 7 also has an inherent security vulnerability which has given rise to the Ransomware attacks we’ve seen over the past few years.  The solution? Run Windows 10 Operating System.

One of the key things to consider is your cyber insurance and how non-supported computers would affect your insurance policy should you have a security event.


Removing the risk

Lucidity have been looking for a smarter solution to offer to our customers who may not want to buy brand new laptop computers for all their staff.

Lucidity have secured a range of ex-lease laptop computers fully loaded with Windows 10 Professional and a 12 month warranty (extendable if required).  With modern specifications like 8GB RAM, i5 Intel Processors and most importantly, Solid-State drives, the machines perform as you would expect a modern spec machine to perform.

Our experience shows us that by the time you look at the costs of an SSD drive upgrade, memory upgrade and Windows 10 license upgrade, you can be spending more money than we can secure these ex-lease machines for, which are ready to go with a full hardware warranty.

Economical Solution

In most cases, it is far more economic to upgrade to one of these laptops than it is to pull an old laptop apart and upgrade components like memory and operating system – a process that is not always guaranteed.

We would like to offer our customers the following package to help reduce the risk and keep costs economical:

  • A range of low cost computer options starting as low as $299 + GST.
  • Engineering time options for getting your computer connected to your network.
  • 12 month return to base warranty (extended to 24 months for $99 + GST).

Low Cost Laptop Solutions

Lucidity provide three ‘tiers’ of laptop computer depending on the type of work you do with your computer.


Managed Desktop worker

If all you do with your computer is connect to Lucidity’s Managed Desktop platform, your local computer really doesn’t need to be a very powerful machine.

As long as the computer has Windows 10 and we can keep that up to date, then you don’t have the security problems of Windows 7.  An SSD drive ensures the computer starts up fast and is responsive.

Lucidity have secured a range of low cost laptops with the following specifications that are more than adequate to connect to a remote desktop solution:

  • Intel Quad Core Processor
  • 120GB+ SSD Drive
  • Windows 10
  • 4GB RAM
  • 12 month RTB warranty

These units start at $299 + GST.

We wouldn’t recommend loading complex software on to these computer to run locally, but to connect to a Managed Desktop session, these machines are completely up to the job.


Modern Workplace worker

Users who run Microsoft Office and other applications on their local computers generally need a more powerful processor to cut through the work.  In this instance, a computer with an Intel i5 Processor and 8GB of RAM would be recommended for users who run applications and web browsing locally on their laptop devices.

Although these computers aren’t quite as fast as a brand new laptop with brand new technology, they are good value for the money and generally perform well for basic Microsoft Office and Web browsing tasks.  If you are a power user with dozens of open web browser tabs and Excel sheets at any one time, this may not be the solution for you, but general users will be OK with a machine of this spec.

Lucidity have secured a range of mid-power Intel i5 laptops with the following specifications that are generally adequate for Microsoft Office and Web Browsing tasks:

  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 200GB+ SSD Drive
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • 8GB RAM
  • 12 month RTB warranty

These units start at $499 + GST.


Power user

If you demand the most from your laptop, then it is well worth talking to your Lucidity Account Manager about a higher spec laptop computer.  A new computer may be the best solution for you.

Chances are though if you have a Windows 7 computer now, an ex-lease computer with the below specifications would be a massive upgrade over your current computer experience.

Lucidity can source higher power machines with the following specifications:

  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • 240GB+ SSD Drives
  • Higher performance Graphics

These computers start from around $1200 + GST.

Next Steps

If you are in a situation where you need to do something about Windows 7 computers and you aren’t sure what the best approach is, in the first instance, contact your Lucidity Account Manager.  We have worked with a range of different customers and their requirements and come up with economic computer replacement solutions.

If any of the above machines are of interest, we can work with you to figure out a plan on how to install these machines in your business and get your data and applications up and running on these pre-loved devices.