Be secure over the holidays with Adam's top tips

December 14, 2018


Update your password before you go so it doesn't expire

Our password policy means that if you are lucky enough to have a few weeks of leave and have not recently changed your password – there is a high chance that your password will expire over the Christmas period so please try and update your password before you leave.

It is always good practice to make sure that your password is not the same across all services, Facebook passwords and internet banking passwords should NOT be the same.

Update your PC

Make sure your computer is up-to-date to make certain that you have the latest and greatest security patches.

Sketchy emails

Unfortunately, there are quite a few people\entities out there that prey on people this time of year.

During this time of year be quite mindful of the emails you are receiving to personal email accounts and its always a good idea to not open emails unless you are either expecting an email from an organisation\person or you trust the sender  

Securing info

With the mad rush to get out of the office for the start your break, please make sure that all sensitive documents and other company files are locked away either in a cabinet or behind a lock screen on your devices.

Out of office

As you get ready to wrap up for the year you will no doubt be looking forward to setting up that out of office and heading out to enjoy the Christmas \ Summer break.

It’s important to remember though that if you are someone that works from home or for a smaller business – the out of office message is quite a clear “hey, nobody is in the building” message.

This will be the last Lucidity blog of 2018, and we'd like to offer a big thank you to everyone who has read our blogs this year. 

From all the team here at Lucidity, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

We are already looking forward to a big 2019! 

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