Database as a Service on the CloudOS Platform

September 20, 2016

Lucidity has been working with Microsoft and Enterprise IT to offer a suite of high performance, highly available SQL Server database options which come fully bundled with support and service.

The problem outlined
SQL Server is the most prevalent relational database in the world and is used across all sectors from small business through to the largest of enterprises. As with all relational databases, to get the best performance you need good infrastructure and the database needs to be maintained, or performance will gradually degrade. Database maintenance is complex and requires specialist skills. In many businesses maintenance is overlooked and performance is addressed by the recommendation of higher performance hardware. In most cases database maintenance is reactive and often costly.

The CloudOS DBaaS solution
Database as a Service is a standardised offering that can either be combined with other Lucidity services or integrated into existing IT infrastructure. Built on Lucidity’s CloudOS platform, the service offers high availability and a range of options from small or shared infrastructure through to enterprise grade SQL clusters. Each of these services includes pro-active maintenance, monitoring, license and expertise to help ensure your business systems continually perform.

Shared SQL Servers are priced on a per database per month basis. This is an affordable option for smaller businesses, but still ensures backup and availability are covered. Cost of this service is far less than the cost of a dedicated SQL Server and well suited for a web server database, small ERP systems or places where a step up from SQL Express is required.

Dedicated SQL Servers come in non-clustered and clustered form with options for Standard and Enterprise licensing. Customers have full access to the server and through CloudOS networking services, databases can be seamlessly connected back to your existing on-site infrastructure.

EnterpriseIT AssureIT advanced monitoring service for SQL Server continuously collects statistics from SQL server and makes intelligent suggestions on changes that need to be made to improve performance or reduce risk.

Professional DBA service plans give you the benefits of a real DBA on your team at a fraction of the cost. Your server is checked, monitored, updated, tuned and optimised for your workloads for a fixed monthly fee.  You can call for assistance and ensure that you are getting expert advice at all times.


  • Easiest way out of a legacy SQL version (SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported by Microsoft)
  • Ensure your core business data is always available, always backed up and maintained
  • Maximise performance and throughput of systems
  • Reduce the risk of having your core business system on site
  • Avoid unexpected costs related to Database performance
  • No capital outlay

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