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November 02, 2018

The internet is full of wonders. There are many interesting, useful or simply for fun websites that many people don’t know about.

In this article, I will be covering some websites that may have useful archives, improve your productivity or simply have some fun.

This helpful tools will help you combine multiple PDF documents into one. Simply upload the documents, drag the pages around in the order you prefer, and then download the document.

If you ever find that your Outlook on your local computer is glitching out/freezing or simply refusing to run, you could try this web version as a temporary workaround. Of course still give us a call so we can go ahead and fix the issue for you!

Enjoy the sound of raindrops hitting the roof or waves splashing on rocks? This ambient sound website is for you! An audio engineer has created a variety of background noises, so if you prefer to listen to some more relaxing sounds instead of constant keyboard clicks or phones ringing in the office, then definitely check this website out!

This website is a simple tool for testing your internet speed. It will return three values (Ping, upload speed & download speed) and can be quite useful for checking your network connection when you feel like your web pages are taking forever to load. For our Managed Desktop users, this site may help you diagnose your performance issues since your network connection speed/stability directly impacts your experience with Managed Desktop. Make sure to let us know the results of the speed test if you ever have to report a performance related issue!

Signing up for an account that you may never use again or going to one of those annoying websites that require you to authenticate your email address? Fear not! This website will give you a one time use an email account that lasts for 10 minutes for you to use instead of having your own mailbox spammed with unwanted advertisements or potentially dangerous emails!

This website is great for stock photos that are “non-stocky” and doesn’t have a hideous watermark going through the middle.
Thousands of generous photographers have put up their photos for us to use for free! So if you ever find yourself needing some professional photos for a presentation or report, navigate to this site and you may find one that you need!

Hope that these sites were helpful. Feel free to share it with your colleagues if you find them helpful!

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