Delivered in partnership with Enterprise IT, Lucidity offers Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure combined with professional DBA backed support and maintenance for dedicated Standard and Enterprise tier SQL Servers.

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Standard Shared Tier

The shared tier is suited for light database workloads or for systems with low concurrent users, suitable for CMS systems and systems with low transaction volumes. This may provide a better alternative to a SQL express database as backups, maintenance and management are taken care of and the database server is clustered and provides a higher level of availability. Each shared tier database is a single database on a clustered pair of SQL Server 2014 servers that feature both SQL Clustering and Hypervisor level clustering.

Plan Name Included data Maximum DB Size Support Backups Price
SQL01 5GB 5GB No DBA Support Daily $40.00
SQL02 5GB 10GB No DBA Support Daily $80.00
SQL03 20GB 50GB No DBA Support Hourly $250.00

Standard Dedicated Tier

The standard dedicated tier is suited for substantial dedicated workloads that run core business systems.  Each SQL Server runs on a dedicated Windows 2012R2 server with SQL Server 2014 Standard edition.

Plan Name Included data Maximum DB Size Specification (Servers x CPU) Memory Backups Price
SQL04 50GB 100GB 1 x 4 4GB Hourly $POA
SQL05 100GB 200GB 1 x 4 8GB Hourly $POA
SQL06 100GB 500GB 1 x 4 16GB Hourly $POA
SQL07 100GB 500GB 1 x 4 32GB Hourly $POA

Enterprise Dedicated Tier

The Enterprise dedicated tier enables all features of SQL Server Enterprise licensing and in clustered configurations enables always-on functionality for mission critical database services. Licensing is included and if you have an Enterprise Licensing agreement with Microsoft and have existing SQL Server licensing, we can transfer your licensing and reduce the costs of these plans.

Plan Name Included data Maximum DB Size Specification (Servers x CPU) Memory Backups Price
SQL08 100GB 500GB 1 x 4 16GB Hourly $POA
SQL09 100GB 1TB 1 x 8 16GB Hourly $POA
SQL10 100GB 1TB 2 x 4 2 x 16GB Hourly $POA
SQL11 100GB 2TB 3 x 4 3 x 16GB Hourly $POA
Custom 100GB As per your requirements

Professional DBA Services

These services are designed and delivered by Enterprise IT and recommended for any organisation that has a substantial investment in SQL Server technology.


Name Description


SQL12 DBA Monitor – Automated Professional DBA automated database monitoring with monthly reporting and recommendations (only available on Standard Dedicated or Enterprise Dedicated SQL Servers POA
SQL13 Professional DBA Support Plan 1 Professional DBA management, monitoring and advice for your database with 9×5 access to support POA
SQL14 Professional DBA Support Plan 2 Professional DBA management, monitoring and advice to keep your database performing with 9×5 support and 24×7 access for urgent support POA