Not all phone systems are created equal

November 09, 2018


There are many different options for VoIP phone systems out in the New Zealand market. The majority of these will come with a very similar set of features, stemming from the days of more traditional phone systems.

For example, hunt groups, auto attendants or IVRs and hold music have all been around for years. In more recent times, newer features have emerged, like 3-way (or more) calling and simultaneous ring on a mobile.

Tools like Skype for Business have then introduced more collaborative features to the wider market that have now become commonplace. Presence visibility, softphones on mobile and instant messaging are all now used in many of the phone systems you find available in the market. A new phrase “Unified Communications or UC” was born off the back of these additional features. UC integrates IM, presence, voice, mobility, web and video conferencing and more into one catch all term that most phone systems will now fall under.

Even then, not all UC platforms are created equal. Lucidity’s Cloud PBX service has all of these features and more, making communication within your business as easy and as streamlined as possible.


Firstly, as a Cloud Provider, we at Lucidity are big on automation and self-service. We want to offer processes that offer scalable services to our customers, and ideally, we would like the customer to have the option to provision services to their users themselves. With Lucidity’s Cloud PBX, customers are provided with access into their own customer portal. From there they can manage their own call flows and hunt groups, among other things, themselves. They are also able to assign licensing to their users, which leads me on nicely to my next point….

Licensing Options for Users

One size does not fit all - this is true for nearly everything except some of those onesies that you sometimes find online.

With Lucidity’s Cloud PBX service, you can mix and match license types between your users. Many users still want a phone that sits on the desk that rings when they are called, they don’t want to be messing around with soft clients on their PC and aren’t bothered about instant messaging or seeing their colleague’s presence. On the other end of the scale, some users expect the full collaborative experience; they want to share their screens with colleagues and work on documents together or they need to be able to run a video conference on demand. We offer 3 options for our users:

  • Office User – Typically a phone on a desk, no softphone or collaborative features.
  • Executive User – Includes soft client for PC or MAC, Simultaneous Ring and a few extra features that aren’t available with Office User
  • Collaborative User – Includes the full collaborative suite including IM, Presence, Video Conferencing & File Sharing

These license types can be mixed and matched depending on your user’s requirements. If they realise after a few weeks that they are missing something they need, no problem, it can all be changed in the portal.


Finally, the Lucidity Cloud PBX system integrates with many of the most common CRM systems; Salesforce, Dynamics, Hubspot and more are all integrated. This integration comes with a range of cool features including:

  • Address Book Search
  • Called Details Preview
  • Click to Dial
  • Screen pop

These features all allow your business to operate more efficiently – no longer do users have to frantically search through the CRM system to try to remember the callers name, it popped up when they called! No longer do users have to drop out of the CRM system, having copied the number they want to call, just to input it into the phone system – they can just click on the contact in CRM and it will call direct!

Lucidity’s Cloud PBX is a powerful tool, and best of all we can offer a bespoke deployment that fits into your business requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

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