Stay focused (in Outlook)

June 22, 2018


On a day to day basis you probably find yourself bombarded with lots of emails and it can be hard to navigate your way through them.

Outlook 2016’s  focused tab should make navigating your emails easier as it will determine that the email from your accounts team is slightly more important than the $200,000 you are owed by the mysterious Egyptian prince.

The way this works is Outlook will take in your emails and contacts and work out who you interact with and treat these with higher priority and separate them from the standard stream of emails.

The clever thing about this is that the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Essentially the ‘Focused Inbox’ will separate your inbox into two separate tabs, one named ‘Focused’ and the other ‘Other’

How do you enable/disable it?

There are two main ways, the first is through

Outlook web:

If you are logged into Outlook in the web browser click on the gear icon at the top right hand corner (1), this will then display the settings pane on the right.

Click on the heading ‘Display Settings’ (2) and then you can choose the Focused Inbox heading which will allow you to enable and disable it (3)

Outlook Desktop App:

When you have Outlook open just go to the ‘View’ tab and make sure that ‘Show Focused Inbox’ is checked/unchecked.

Can I manually define what should be ‘Focused on’ ?

Let’s say there are a few emails sitting in your Focused inbox that don’t belong there, simply right click on the email and choose either ‘Move to other’ which will move that mail item to the other tab or select ‘always move to other’ which will automatically move all messages from this sender to the other tab


You can also do the exact opposite if you want to make sure things in your other inbox are placed in Focused in future.

That’s all there is to it – enjoy your streamlined inbox going forward!

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